Pokemon GBA ROM Download Jupiter 6.04 – Install and Download

Pokemon Jupiter is the popular hacked version of Pokemon Ruby but with new storyline and characters and missions. The hacked version is designed on the core engine of the popular series Pokemon Ruby and this hacked version allows the hackers to use their creativity in the way they want. The Pokemon GBA ROM Download Jupiter 6.04 started catching interest of the gamers because of its amazing storyline, striking visuals, characters and others which resemble to the original version but with a new twist. The hacked version is based on the older console called Gameboy Colour and Gameboy Advance and hence you would require the emulator so as to download and play the game on your console.

How to Get Pokemon GBA ROM Download Jupiter 6.04?

In order to get Pokemon GBA ROM Download Jupiter 6.04, you are first required to get the emulator and then head towards the PokeCommunity forum and get the direct link to download it.

  • Users are required to register with the PokeCommunity using their existing account and if you don’t have one you need to create so as to get access to the download links of Pokemon GBA ROM Download Jupiter 6.04.
  • Now users are required to get to the forum thread by providing the beta 6 pokecommunity in the search bar of Google. After the thread has opened you need to scroll down until you find the download link.
  • Now as you find the link at the bottom of the thread you need to click on the links and the downloading would start. The downloaded file is added to the archive and this means that you have to use the zip opener to unlock the zip file
  • Your console would get the latest version of Pokemon GBA ROM Download Jupiter 6.04 and you will also see new patches and the updates. You also need to keep checking the thread time to time.

The Installation of Pokemon GBA ROM Download Jupiter 6.04

  • You are required to have the best emulator installed on your console to play a ROM. You need to launch the emulator and extract the downloaded file on the console.
  • Load the ROM file on it and adjust the required settings.
  • Once the emulator has extracted the file you need to reopen the ROM again and you will see that the game is running successfully on your console
  • You can start playing it