Harrisburg SEO Company Can Up The Marketing Game

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In simple words, it is the way your potential client will organically find your website when searching for services and products. As search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are constantly crawling the websites for the best content to show its users on typing keywords in the search bar.

The result that shows is a collection of relevant websites on the first page. The search engines have their own, advanced search crawlers for crawling and indexing the website and use the data to display results with relevant search queries.

There are many types of SEO’s governing the performance of a website; some of them are as follows:

SEO Types:

Harrisburg SEO company is aimed to help you in greater visibility for the search result. The only visible difference between them is the cost, risk, value and time or duration it takes before you see results.


  • White hat SEO– Strictly adhere to Google Webmasters Guideline. It takes longer to get noticed, and the cost is high. But it carries less risk and delivers lasting and compounded value. The many reputed SEO and content marketing companies like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Moz, Stone Temple and many others use and recommend white hat SEO tool and technique.


  • Black hat SEO- The quick way to achieve your goals by going easy on your pocket. This is because you are using shortcuts to achieve your target. It is going against the Google Webmaster Guideline. Many of these black hat SEO methods specifically mentioned as against the guidelines and things not to practice or promote. The risk factor is high, and your website or content may be banned or demoted from search results.


  • SEO company– The middle line between the White and Black SEO The methods followed by these are not specifically against the Google Guidelines. It is better to be cautious when following this path. Webmasters follow this method usually on pressure from the client to give quick results.


  • On-Page SEO– While the above were the methods or tactics used for your website, on-page SEO is anything that you physically add to your webpages like images or text. In other words, it is the practice of improving design, function and navigation of the website so to give its users a flawless experience while navigating. Some of the important things that come under on-page optimization are:
  • Off-page SEO – The activities performed on the page after go live on the web. It includes sharing and commenting on the post for building engagement, liking a post on various social platforms, giving a star rating to post and answering queries are all off-page SEO.