Buy Real Instagram Followers And Not Bots

For social media influencers and new brands looking to become popular on instagram, it is a common practice to buy followers to increase engagement and attract advertisers and sponsors. However, some of these people make the mistake of buying followers that are either bots or inactive accounts, which show an increased number of followers, but less activity on the page.

This is the exact reason why these influencers and brands must make sure to buy real instagram followers so that the follower count and page activity match. It helps get their posts to the top of the explore page and also helps the post reach the target audience easily.

Problems associated with buying fake followers

The activity of a page or the engagement rate is what matters the most on instagram. The main problem with buying fake or inactive followers is that the engagement rate of the page becomes quite low. An example of a low engagement rate is when a page has 27K followers but the likes received on the posts are around 50 to 60. What happens in such cases?

  • Instagram does not show these pages in the top searches.
  • Advertisers get to know easily that the page has fake followers and do not want to be associated with them.
  • Users who are genuinely interested in the type of content the people make do not get a chance to view the page.

How to make sure the followers are real?

It is not so easy to buy real instagram followers, but if a person is careful then their efforts will be rewarded. The most important thing is time. The process of finding the target audience and reaching out to them, our reaching out to other accounts which are similar takes quite a lot of time and effort.

Also, do not buy followers just for the sake of it. Build a proper strategy and work on it to gain followers that are interested in your work and will help improve the engagement rate of the page. And it does help to be suspicious of sites that offer followers for very cheap rates.

Is the process worth it?

In the long run, the process of getting real followers is absolutely worth it and people looking out to make a place for themselves can do it, but they should do it smartly and safely.