An overview of the features of Go Movie

Are you one of those people who love to watch and download movies online? Well, then there is something that will be perfect for your taste. genvideos is considered to be an amazing video player which you might not be able to find in any Windows Mobile App. So, with this video player, you can watch and even download the movies of your preference. Well, now let us take a look at some features offered by this app.

The features of Go Movie mobile app:

  • The app supports password protection
  • Also, you can resume from where it was last played
  • Videos can easily be added to the watch list and history of only those apps are being kept which have been closed down recently
  • The time of the subtitle can be adjusted and there are other options which will let you control the other subtitles
  • You can search for subtitles in either way – automatically or manually
  • Detailed information about each video is being displayed right from the storyline, the duration of the movie, the year of release, the casting and much more
  • The downloaded videos can be easily transferred to a computer by making use of any browser
  • Also, you are enabled to watch the video online or download it to the storage of your phone

Why do people prefer watching movies online?

Well, there are numerous reasons as to why people prefer to watch movies online. Listed below are a few of them which will include:

There are many websites which will offer online streaming for absolutely free of cost. This is the main reason as to why people are looking forward to online streaming. All they require is a strong internet connection so that the movie or video doesn’t keep buffering from time to time. Also, you will need to be aware if you do not intend on paying for watching movies online because there are a few websites who will charge you some amount for it.

You can watch movies whenever you want to. There are no restrictions on the schedule of these movies. Also, you can resume from where you had last paused your video. So even if you are traveling and have some spare time you will be able to watch your favorite movie on the go.

Most of the sites that offer online streaming are safe and reliable. But yet you need to make sure before you start watching movies. Make sure you read the reviews of the website well before anything.